HPI 66816LW HOT BODIES Moore-Speed 09x Lightweight

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HPI 66816LW HOT BODIES Moore-Speed 09x Lightweight

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Moore-Speed 09x (190mm) Lightweight Includes window masks, decals



The newest selection of Moore-speed bodyshells includes the Type 09x, designed by Andy Moore for ultimate touring car performance.

The Type 09x features a deep front splitter for aggressive steering and a smooth shape for high speeds. You'll get great steering and excellent corner speed, the ideal choice for all sizes of tracks if you want a 'locked in' feeling on medium-bite surfaces.

This body meets the IFMAR Global Body Spec (GBS) rules, so is legal in all touring car competitions.

Moore-speed bodyshells include clear overspray film and convenient window mask plus a decal sheet featuring grilles, headlight and tail light details. The Type 09x is also available in a standard weight version for extra strength.

#66816 Moore-speed Type 09x Bodyshell (190mm)
#66816LW Moore-speed Type 09x Lightweight Bodyshell (190mm)