Scalextric 1:32 Batman vs Joker inkludert Spark Plug

NYHET Råkul scalextric bilbane med spark plugger som lar deg bruke appen på mobil og som gir deg mange nye muligheter.
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Scalextric 1:32 Batman vs Joker inkludert Spark Plug
Batman and the Joker have been adversaries since they first met in 1940. Since then, the Clown Prince of Crime has found creative ways to escape the Caped Crusader, and in this Scalextric Batman vs Joker Spark Plug set the themed Joker car, complete with a green roof, purple body and wide grin to mimic his famous look, takes on the black Batman car, dark enough to hide in the shadows and pounce on one of his worst enemies.
This set also features 2 x Spark Plug Dongles, the latest innovation from Scalextric which allows you to race your car using your Android or IOS smart device. Simply plug the Spark Plug dongle into your Scalextric analogue powerbase rather than a traditional hand controller, download the app and race away meaning no more wires!
Single Player or Versus Mode options.
Bespoke DC themes skin, so you can pick your favourite hero or villain in Gotham
Option to use smart device vs hand controller on single player option.
Function to BOOST your own and RESTRICT your opponents speed.
Rumble and sound effects.
Include your image from your library or camera.
Controller skin.
Select music from either the app or your own library. 
Engine sound 
Button layout - right handed or left handed option.
*Please note this set requires 1 x smart device per car to race, with no hand controllers included in the box. To run this set with standard hand controllers simply plug these in to the powerbase where the Spark Plug dongles fit.
JUSTICE LEAGUE and all related characters and elements ©& TM DC Comics. WB SHIELD: ©& TM WBEI. (s..)
All devices matching the specification listed below should be compatible with SPARKPLUG, however we are unable to guarantee the compatibility of every device matching this specification because of differences in manufacturers OS/Hardware changes.
Bluetooth – V4.0 BLE and above
Android OS – Lollipop and above
Apple OS – iOS 8.0 and above
These are the minimum requirements for your smart device to be compatible with the SPARKPLUG. Bluetooth 4.0 is required to connect your smart device to the SPARK PLUG.
Space Required: 210cm x 140cm
Track Length: 532cm
Length (Inches): 209 ⅖
Scale: 1:32
Age Suitability: 5+