Rålekker børsteløs banebil fra HPI, bilplattformen Sport 3 i flux utgave. Fantastisk replica av en Audi E-tron GT
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Sport 3 Flux Audi e-tron Vision GT

We are delighted to unveil what is no doubt our most ambitious, detailed and realistic official scale replica partnership yet! When Audi designers pushed themselves to turn a best selling video game car into a reality, HPI's designers followed suit with the dream that this amazing electric race machine could also hit the the real-world track in 1:10th form!

Since the dawn of Formula E, electric powered racing has been growing across the motorsport world which is music to our ears as we've been racing with electric power for over 30 years! 

So what better way to take RC to a generation of sim racers than with the very real, incredibly fast, utterly sublime Sport 3 FLUX Audi e-tron Vision GT!

Audi designers first created the “Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo” as part of a competition for the popular video game's 15th anniversary. So successful was the virtual car that Audi decided it should be the first concept car of this range to be deployed to real-world race tracks as a fully functional vehicle. Numerous appearances followed, including serving as Race Taxi at Formula E races in 2018.

Still as popular as ever in "sim form," this car is enjoyed the world over by countless fans. However in the flesh, the priceless one-of-a-kind car now lives in the Audi Museum in Ingolstadt, only to be driven by a privileged few....Until now!!


Under the hood everything is as you would expect with the superb Sport 3 FLUX chassis and its full-time 4WD shaft driven, fully sealed drivetrain, waterproof electronics/radio gear, fully independent double wishbone suspension and adjustable oil-filled shocks.

We're confident that when fans swap their gamepads for the 2.4 GHz TF-41 transmitter they will be thrilled at squeezing the trigger and propelling the RS4 Sport 3 to speeds over 113km/h (70mph) thanks to the Flux MMH-4000KV motor and waterproof FLUX EMH-3S LiPo-ready speed controller.



Not only is the e-tron one of our most ambitious and detailed bodies, our designers have captured every last detail, right down to the Quattro emblazoned racing wheels. Wrapped around these beauties is a set of treaded rubber tires for maximum grip on just about every paved surface. You'll get great acceleration, braking and cornering performance from these semi-slick, grippy rubber tires!


SPORT 3 FLUX AUDI e-tron VISION GT Features:

- Full Time 4WD for maximum control and speed
- Sealed shaft drivetrain to prevent damage from debris
- Double-wishbone fully adjustable suspension
- Oil-filled, fully adjustable, threaded shocks
- 4-Gear metal diffs to withstand brushless power
- Easy access differentials
- Fully equipped with metal-shielded ball bearings for maximum efficiency
- Low profile layout design = low CG for enhanced cornering capabilities and overall superior handling
- Flux EMH-3S electronic speed controller for total control
- Flux MMH-4000 motor for insane power
- 3S LiPo capable with a wide variety of compatible batteries
- Waterproof electronics
- Speeds of up to 70mph (124km/h) when using optional gearing!