HSP 108015 Universal Dogbone 2pcs

HSP 108015 Universal Dogbone 2pcs - 08046 (Oppgradert av del 08029/02033)
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HSP 108015 Universal Dogbone 2pcs



New No.: 108015



Part Name: Universal Shaft


It is upgrade part of 08029 Front/Rear Dogbone 89.5mm and 02033 Axle (2 in 1).

Regarding universal drive joint upgrade, we only upgrade front wheels but not rear wheels. It is mainly used for steering.


Total length is 115mm.


This item is suitable for following HSP cars:

94108 Truck 'Tyrannosaurus'

94110 Truggy 'Gladiator'

94109 ATV 'Salvager'

94111 Truck 'Brontosaurus'

94112 ATV 'Tokotboy'

94115 Truggy 'Tribeshead'


This item is also suitable for some cars with other brands, like Himoto, Redcat Racing, Amax, etc…