Torro 1/16 Figure "Obergefreiter Helmut Rossel Bergmann"

Torro 1/16 Figure "Obergefreiter Helmut Rossel Bergmann"
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Torro 1/16 Figures Series 
Figure "Obergefreiter Helmut Rossel"

3. Fallschirmjäger Division Ardennes in December 1944:
Rossel is derived from a German middle class family and was before the war salesman. Exhausted from the fight he sits aud the cold steel of the Tiger tanks and listen to the officers as they discuss the offensive. Given the heavy Allied resistance, he wonders if he will survive the war.


  • Figure Obergefreiter Helmut Rossel
  • Scale 1:16
  • Hight ca. 90 mm
  • Width ca. 55 mm
  • Handpainted